What is Tribunal 12?

TRIBUNAL 12: We accuse Europe of continual violations of human rights and the systematic mistreatment of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers!

Tribunal 12 Helsinki
12th of May 2012, 10.30-24
Iso Roobertinkatu 4
Free Entrance!

Tribunal 12 Helsinki demands Europe to take moral, legal and political responsibility of people, who have escaped inside it´s territory. The event is supported by vast group of artists and organizations defending human rights and freedom of speech. It´s background lays on the trial TRIBUNAL 12, which is organized at Kulturhuset and Sergel´s Square in Stockholm on 12th of May 2012. The tribunal takes a stand on human rights violations against refugees, migrants and asylum seekers inside Europe. Including the witness statements, expert presentations and statistics the court case contains artistic expressions and have a dramaturgical framework.

Tribunal 12 Helsinki take place at Iso Roobertinkatu 4 in Helsinki, where the audience have a possibility to watch the trial in Stockholm live stream. In addition to streaming the event consists of talks held by different NGO´s, as well as shows varying from video screenings to dance performance and art exhibition. During the day the program deals with border control, the asylum process, undocumented migrants, detention and deportations. The event is free of charge and directed for all the citizens.

Among others the program and event arrangers are visual artists Kalle Hamm, JP Kaljonen, Dzamil Kamanger, Anna Knappe, Riikka Kuoppala, Pekka Niskanen, Suvi Nurmi, Johanna Raekallio and Kristiina Tuura, educator Jari Kivistö, comic artist Ville Tietäväinen, photographer Katja Tähjä, actor Jussi Lehtonen, dancer Nina Hyvärinen, musician Mikko Perkola, journalist Kaisa Viita and Media Culture Association M-cult. The participating NGO´s are Finnish Pen, Writers´and Artists´Association Kiila, The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum, Finnish Refugee Council, Seta – LGBT Rights in Finland and Free Movement Network.

In addition to event in Helsinki the Tribunal 12 screenings and supplement events are organized in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England. Tribunal refers to war crime tribunal organized by Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell in 1967, which investigated and evaluated American military intervention in Vietnam. The Tribunal 12 Jury in Stockholm consists of Internationally acclaimed persons for example from writers  Nawal el Saadawi, Nuruddin Farah and Henning Mankell.

Tribunal 12 Helsinki is supported by Writers´ and Artists´ Association Kiila and Helsinki City Cultural Office.

Website of the Stockholm´s main event:

JP Kaljonen, Johanna Raekallio, tribunal12helsinki@gmail.com



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